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Speedy Exercise Routines For The Super Busy

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Stretch your muscles before hitting the sack. Stretching your muscles and holding the stretch for about a minute actually saps your muscles’ power output, therefore stretching before bedtime helps the muscles gain flexibility as you rest, as opposed to before you exercise.

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Get into some toning exercises. Include the most basic 5 exercises in your routine like push-ups, planks, squats, triceps dips, and lunges. These will work your major muscles and then you can do a set whenever you can. For example, do 15 squats right after you get out of bed, then another 15 just before getting dressed and another 15 while you wait for your coffee to heat up.

Cool-down naturally. A formal cool-down offers little or no benefit when it comes to injury prevention and post-workout soreness. However, a few minutes of easy walking is more than enough to eliminate any risks of post workout injury.

The Plan Of Action

Walk, run, or circuit-train: you can melt fat in 15 minutes, no matter which exercise you choose.

Treadmill Power Walk or Jog

Don’t walk or jog on a flat surface, set the treadmill to incline and push your pace by one mile per hour every minute until you break into a trot; take a 60-second breather at three miles per hour; and repeat.

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Out-and-Back Run

Turn up the burn of your loop with negative splits, running the second half faster than the first. Start running at a comfortable pace first, then slow your pace for a recovery walk and then do the next lap faster and at a higher speed. This will shock your muscles and burn fat faster.

Although not very rigorous these simple exercises such as exercise bikes, done regularly can tone up your muscles well and give you the health benefits of rigorous daily workouts.